Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Dele Alli: The Yoruba football star who has cut ties with his father Kehinde.

Dele Alli: Yoruba footballer who has cut ties with his father Kehinde (Sunday Mirror)
According to his father Kehinde, Dele Alli is a Yoruba prince through his birth.

When Dele Alli first burst onto the scene with Tottenham in the 2015/2016 season, his name quickly struck a chord among Nigerians.

The name ‘Dele” was clearly of Yoruba descent and soon enough it bespoke that he was born to a Nigerian father Kehinde.

An ‘aha’ moment that soon made him very topical to the Nigerian press, Premier Leagueenthusiasts in Nigeria and expectedly whispers of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) having a crack at recruiting him.

Disappointingly, Alli had no tie-in with Nigeria and has gone on to become a full England international.

By Steve Dede.

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