Monday, 5 February 2018

The rise of Nick Foles: How a journeyman QB became a Super Bowl hero.

MINNEAPOLIS – Surrounded by cameras and a sudden bandwagon of well-wishers, Nick Foles tried to bulldoze his way up the U.S. Bank tunnel. He clutched the hand of his wife Tori, who herself held their daughter Lily. The world suddenly wanted a word with Nick Foles, the discarded, unheralded, former backup Eagles quarterback who had just outdueled Tom Brady to lead Philadelphia to a 41-33 Super Bowl win.

It was all coming fast now, after always coming slow for the Foles family. For so long, it was just them, scraping and questioning and, in the end, believing. Believing in Nick. Believing in themselves and in their faith and in the idea that, sure, this outlandish, outrageous night out of their wildest dreams was possible.

By Dan Wetzel.

Full story at Yahoo News.