Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Exclusive: Ronaldinho talks retirement and how Barcelona can adapt to life without Messi.

“Was it a difficult decision to retire?”

It is a question one might expect to elicit a wistful sigh or a pregnant pause, especially when put to a player who only recently called time on one of the most storied careers in modern football. They say every athlete dies twice, and a certain measure of internalised grief is usually par for the course once the first post-mortem begins.

Ronaldinho, though, has always had a knack for bucking expectations. “No, it wasn’t hard at all,” he replies, trademark grin spreading swiftly across his face. “It was something I thought a lot about, and I decided to stop, feeling fulfilled and happy.”

In truth, he has had ample time to come to terms with it. The official announcement may only have been made in January, but the 38-year-old had been retiring in instalments for a good while, his last official appearance having come fully 31 months ago, at the end of an ill-fated spell with Fluminense.

By Jack Lang.

Full story at Yahoo News.

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