Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Hey Augusta, why the crackdown on buying and selling Masters tickets?

Ticket brokers line the road leading to Augusta
National selling tickets for the Masters. (Getty)
AUGUSTA, Ga. — Carolyn Licht grew up in New York, where her parents, Lewis and Barbara, taught her to love golf. Some of her earliest and fondest memories were of watching the Masters on television each April. Amen Corner. The Azaleas. The Green Jacket. It was a rite of spring. It was a family tradition.

In 2012, Barbara had passed and Lewis was 88 years old, confined, due to double hip surgery, to a wheelchair. Carolyn decided there was no more time to wait. She told her father they were taking a trip together. She was bringing him to Augusta National. He was all for it. She jumped online and bought a couple of practice round tickets from a secondary ticket broker.

By Dan Wetzel.

Full story at Yahoo News.

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